Air Show Site Tips and Rules

We are committed to ensuring everyone has a fun and safe experience at the airshow. In order to ensure everyone's safety we ask that you follow these guidelines:


1.) DO NOT bring your pet!
2.) Come EARLY and enjoy the whole day.
3.) Wear sunscreen and hats; there is virtually no shade on the airport.
4.) Small soft-sided coolers or bags are permitted. Food and water is available on-site.
5.) Beach or camp chairs and blankets are encouraged.
6.) Handheld umbrellas are allowed.
7.) Strollers are allowed.
8.) There are food concessions.  (Bring adequate cash for food and drink purchases.)

1.) Park at your own risk.  Parking areas are unsupervised in open fields.
2.) The Prince Albert Airport and the Airshow Management are not responsible for damage to vehicles, personal injury, theft, etc.
3.) Lock your vehicle and do not leave valuables in vehicles.
4.) DO NOT bring your pet to the airshow and leave them in your vehicle.


1.) By entering the Prince Albert Airport and air show site you agree to abide by the following airshow rules:

2.) NO SMOKING except in the designated areas

3.) Airshow security may inspect coolers, pack, purses bags, etc. for forbidden items.

4.) Members of the public shall remain within the public viewing areas.

No Glass containers

NO AlcoholNO DrugsNO Laser Devices