Welcome to the Fly-In Spectator
The Prince Albert Centennial of Flight welcomes all fly-in spectators.

Remember, an air show is timed to the minute.

Your cooperation in observing any NOTAMs and arriving prior to 09:30 on Sunday, August 5 is greatly appreciated. You may want to consider arriving the day before (keeping in mind Saturday, August 4 is practice and Media/VIP day from 11:00 to 17:00, check any NOTAMS for restrictions).
The Prince Albert Airport apron is used as the "hot" area for staging the performers aircraft so late arrivals become problematic for the start of the air show and could jeopardize the safety of our air show volunteers, performers and aircraft.

Please observe the directions of ground personnel when arriving and taxiing to the apron area.
An aircraft marshal may greet you at the apron entrance from the runway and will direct you to the shut down area and then apron personnel will push back your aircraft to a parking area. Aircraft are parked on a first come first serve basis. To assist apron personnel and our aircraft marshals, you may wish to bring your tow bar for ease of parking. Please refer to the map above for airport layout.

For safety reasons Transport Canada does not allow spectators within the "show box" so you will be unable to view the show from your aircraft; you will be required to view the air show from the designated spectator areas.

Departures will not be permitted prior to the end of the air show.
Air show performer departures are typically cleared by the Air Boss before general aviation. Please observe the directions of the Air Boss, aircraft marshals and apron crew. Your patience at the close of the show is greatly appreciated. Departures will commence at approximately 1800hrs.

All pilots should be aware of an airshow notam that will be appearing for August 5th.

Also, as parking spaces will fill up quickly, we would suggest that you let us know that you are coming.

We regret that Camping under the wing is not permitted this year.

Remember to book your hotel rooms early too.

To Register your aircraft as a fly-in for parking, send us an e-mail